Milling Materials

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Diverse and Open
The evolution of materials and tools provides dental technicians with ever greater challenges. Simultaneously, the constant demand for quality increases the expectation in terms of precision and material aesthetics.
Whether it is implant supported superstructures, complete crowns, veneers, or other modern restoration, it will require a dependable precision milling operation.
Dental Concept Systems offers you an open system and understandable methods through a wide range of milling processes and supplies in the laboratory.
A New type of wax blank specially developed for pressing lithium disilicate glass ceramics, prevents the dreaded reaction layer these ceramics are so well known for.

The new generation of milling blanks
DC Zircon translucency, the latest development in the Dental Concept Systems product family has the expected values of a monolithic high strength dental material while meeting the light optical properties of modern ceramics.
Dental Concept Systems strict quality criteria includes: an extensive analysis method for milling blanks - DC NP Expert, DC Titan G2 and DC Titan G5.

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    TUSK HTZ Contour - TUSK HST Structure

    Depth and vitality in zirconia for full contour, frameworks and full arch reconstruction.
  • WAX
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    Zubler’s new milling wax has been perfected to produce superior results for pressing and casting. This milling wax has the dependable reproducibility of a sturdy milling wax, while retaining the characteristics of a hand wax when in technician’s hand. This reliable strength combined with the malleability of this material is a vast improvement over the use of typical prototyping waxes. This wax addresses the specific needs of the dental laboratory and technician by combining the strength necessary to withstand the milling process to maintain marginal integrity, yet the workability required for melting, spruing or sculpting to add anatomy and detail. Furthermore the technicians design detail will be more visible due to its unique translucent and contrasting characteristics. This wax was designed for the laboratory that is milling to press or cast. Less resin, more high quality wax also translates into fewer problems and superior final results.
    1. Resin significantly increases burnout time.
    2. Resin can cause damage to pressing ovens.
    3. Resin, if not burned out completely, can leave contamination and residue in the ring resulting in poor pressing and casting results.
    4. High resin content milling discs are not designed for the dental industry.
    5. High resin content milling discs are not necessary...
    Zubler’s milling discs are formulated for dental applications, for dental processes, for dental technicians.
  • PMMA
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    POLIDENT PMMA CAD-CAM DISCS are suitable for fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and for verifying the bridge on the plaster model / in mouth before the final ZrO2 milling process.


    Vickers hardness: 26,60 HV. 
    Flexural strength: 114 MPa. 
    E-Module: 2771 MPa. 
    Residual monomer < 1%.
    Diameter: 95 – 105 mm. Thickness: 10 – 25 mm.*

    *Upon request we can supply also other shapes, diameters and designs.
    temporary crowns and bridges, verification of the bridge on the plaster model/ mouth
    A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, BL1, BL2, BL3, CLEAR, enamel colours - E1, E2
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    POLIDENT PINK CAD-CAM DISCS can be used to mill digitally designed highly esthetic and functional dentures.


    Discs could be used for immediate load implant denture as a long term provisional in combination with denture teeth and titanium connectors.
    The denture bases and other structures are designed in CAD Software.
    A 5-Axis milling machine is required, to reach undercut areas.
    Artificial teeth are attached on denture base with PMMA resin or light curing composite material with proper primer.
    Polident Pink CAD/CAM discs are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) with inorganic pigments.
    Vickers hardness: 26,60 HV.
    Flexural strength: 114 MPa.
    E-Module: 2771 MPa.
    Residual monomer < 1%.
    Diameter: 95 – 105 mm.
    Thickness: 25, 27, 30 mm.

    full dentures, partial dentures
    pink; new colors available upon request
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    POLIDENT CASTING CAD-CAM DISCS can be used for milling castable frameworks for metal casting and castable layers for press ceramic.


    Produced of 100% organic material that burns-out without any residual ash. 
    Diameter: 95 – 105 mm. 
    Thickness: 10 – 25 mm. 
    milling frameworks for casting
    milling castable layers for press ceramic
    verifying frameworks on plaster model/ in mouth before final ZrO2 milling (especially recommended for larger ZrO2 frameworks)
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    POLIDENT X-RAY CAD-CAM DISCS are X-ray visible discs used for milling diagnostic stents for implant planning.


    Contains X- ray visible powder.
    Homogeneous mix ensures best visibility.
    Prevents light scattering.
    allows visibility of teeth setup in the x-ray CAT scan for implant planning and determination
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    POLIDENT CAD-CAM MODEL DISCS are suitable for milling dental models.

    The material closed cell structure doesn’t absorb water and is recommended for ceramic layering.
     Available in two densities
    A higher density (beige) is easily machinable with CNC milling machines and has an extremely high quality surface finish. With its tight cell structure is especially recommended for milling of stumps/dies.
    A lower density (brown) is easily machinable with CNC milling machines and is very light to handle. Recommended for bigger models and antagonist models.

    Digital models are CAD designed from 3D data acquired with a wide range of digital impressions-taking solutions.

    Milling of stumps/dies, working models and antagonists.
    Verifying frameworks on plaster model before final ZrO2 milling (especially recommended for larger ZrO2 frameworks)
  • Titanium
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    DC Titan G2 and DC Titan G5.
  • Chrome Cobalt CrCo
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    Chrome-Cobalt Milling Blank


    Technical Specifications:



    Metal Finishing:
    Use a hand piece with a non-contaminating grinding disc and drum shaped diamond coated bur to prepare the porcelain bearing surface. Air-abrade with alumina oxide at 4.5 – 6 bar (65-85psi) of pressure. Clean the metal by rinsing in an ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water for 2 minutes.



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    Zubler remains a premier producer of high quality products designed to evolve with the rapidly changing dental laboratory industry.

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