Central Suction

FZ VARIO Central suction systems are a solution without compromise. Efficient extraction motors and filtration systems are available in different classes and combinations, with a myriad of accessories to accommodate the large and small dental laboratory or clinic with a solution that provides healthier air and a quieter environment.

Exhaust from suction is ported outside the building keeping inside air clean and free of costly air filters for individual suction units. Automated port openers with various fittings and adapters for dedicated work spaces and equipment are available for easy access to convenient, powerful extraction. Manual ports with optional cleaning tools can be used to clean surfaces, equipment and floors of the clinic or laboratory.

FZ VARIO Central suction units continuously adapt to extraction demand in real-time. As vacuum ports are opened the motor increases fulfilling the demand. The maximum motor speed can only ever be reached briefly, and the unit automatically cleans the shaker filter, enhancing the life of the suction system and decreasing the need for user maintenance.

The maintenance of FZ VARIO central suction systems is minimal. Besides the obvious removal of suction debris bags from the collection bucket as required, the system requires a filter replacement once every two years!

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