ConceptPress Training Kit

The ConceptPress Training Kit Course Model

The ConceptPress Training Kit is designed to help the modern dental laboratory quickly and efficiently optimize the processing of high-strength lithium disilicate press ceramics. The training kit is also a great tool for use as in-house training of new employees. Afterwards, the attractive master model with the finished full ceramic work can be used for client acquisition as a sample, or as an illustrative component for the patient during an explanation of aesthetic all ceramic restorations by the dentist.

In the modern dental laboratory, more and more virtual modeling is carried out. In the training kit, a wax disc with milled crowns and inlays is included. Milling technology and press technology form a perfect synergy.

The milling of the restorations modeled in a CAD program in wax, and the subsequent pressing of the patterns is absolutely sensible and efficient. The following table is intended to illustrate the advantages of this synergy.

The conceptPress TRAINING KIT is designed for the production of:

  1. An anterior full contour crown in dentin A2 and / or
  2. An anterior crown in the cut-back technique (staining + layering) with Dentin A2
  3. A premolar full contour crown in dentin A2
  4. An inlay in the stain & glaze technique with CT2


Please refer to the detailed instructions that follow for information on how to proceed. For more information, please contact our technical support team at (972) 600-9187 or (770) 921-2131.


The TRAINING KIT Includes:

  • 1 Model with anterior, posterior and inlay preparation
  • 1 Wax disc with anterior patterns, pre-molar patterns and posterior inlay patterns.
  • 1 Tube with 3 conceptPress dentin pellets A2
  • 1 Tube with 3 conceptPress Color Transpa pellets CT2
  • 1 ConceptArt Stain shade A fluor.
  • 1 ConceptArt Stain Gray Blue fluor.
  • 1 ConceptArt Glaze paste
  • 1 Glaze / Stain Liquid 5ml
  • 1 Build Up Liquid 25 ml
  • 1 DC Ceram ™ 9.2 layered ceramic Enamel1 20g
  • 1 Ring base Ø 13 mm
  • 4 Disposable Plungers
  • 1 Processing instructions

(Optional desired test pack 1 ConceptVest LiSi2 special investment 500g + Liquid)

ConceptPress Training Kit View 1
ConceptPress Training Kit View2

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