ConceptPress Training Kit

The ConceptPress Training Kit Course Model

The ConceptPress Training Kit is designed to help the modern dental laboratory quickly and efficiently optimize the processing of high-strength lithium disilicate press ceramics.

The conceptPress training kit is designed for the production of:
An anterior full contour crown in dentin A2 and / or
An anterior crown in the cut-back technique (staining + layering) with Dentin A2
A premolar full contour crown in dentin A2
An inlay in the stain & glaze technique with CT2


The training kit includes:

  • 1 Model with anterior, posterior and inlay preparation
  • 1 Wax disc with anterior patterns, pre-molar patterns and posterior inlay patterns.
  • 1 Tube with 3 conceptPress dentin pellets A2
  • 1 Tube with 3 conceptPress Color Transpa pellets CT2
  • 1 ConceptArt Stain shade A fluor.
  • 1 ConceptArt Stain Gray Blue fluor.
  • 1 ConceptArt Glaze paste
  • 1 Glaze / Stain Liquid 5ml
  • 1 Build Up Liquid 25 ml
  • 1 DC Ceram ™ 9.2 layered ceramic Enamel1 20g
  • 1 Ring base Ø 13 mm
  • 4 Disposable Plungers
  • 1 Processing instructions

(Optional desired test pack 1 ConceptVest LiSi2 special investment 500g + Liquid)

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