5 Axis Simultaneous Wet & Dry Milling Machine


With a stronger spindle and an upstream collet chuck, the DC1™ PRO sets new standards for metalworking and enables deep immersion in cavities. The air-flushed heat sink enables largely temperature-independent processing and ensures stable results for high-precision superstructures. The DC1™ PRO is an all-rounder for processing all materials.

The DC1™ Milling System

Developed by the engineers at Dental Concept Systems for the purpose of introducing a milling machine into the compact class with features usually reserved for much larger, free-standing milling systems.  Equipped with a large spindle and motor the DC1™ was designed to be versatile yet fully capable of milling CoCr, Titanium, Zirconia, Wax, PMMA and other materials with extreme precision and smooth finishes. The milling system not only mills, drills and cuts but also grinds.

The fully enclosed workspace and effective suction system help maintain clean air quality and prevent hazardous dust particles from being released into the surrounding environment.  The suction flow under the objects being milled help to seal the enclosure and door gaskets. The combined suction and resulting cooling airflow directly at objects provide a clean and reliable processing environment for restorations.  The Zubler Z1 CAM suction was specifically developed for this purpose, and is directly controlled by the DC1™. Thus optimum suction flow is always ensured.

The automatic machine calibration feature of the DC1™ systems utilize a measuring Disc and probe to automatically detect and check the necessary precision in conjunction with control management.  This guarantees a complete view of the accuracy of the DC1 ™ and can alert the user to the need for service.  Replacement of many parts including the spindle can be performed by the user if necessary. A remarkable advantage!

The DC1 ™ milling system has a special structure which allows machining with short process paths. The automated 18-tool carousel opens directly under the spindle to position the desired milling tool and measuring sensor.

Efficient and easy to work with,  in less than five minutes, the DC1™ can be converted from wet to dry machining. Both the workspace and the fluid drawer are easy to clean and protect the system from permanent soiling. All wet processing components are integrated and can be controlled automatically. Course residue collects in a filter in the Fluid drawer. A special fine filter cartridge additionally separates all other possible fine dust particles.

Features & Technical data for the DC1™/ DC1 PRO™ may be found in the brochure below.

dcs dc view 1
DCS DC1 OPen with Suction

DCS systems are manufactured according to the rules of German engineering quality in a solid construction. Durability is a prime importance. Therefore, we permanently support our customers in maintaining the value of their systems by periodical offering components to update the systems. Only this explains the long-standing stable value of our systems.

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