Discontinued Zubler Vario Ovens

Zubler Vario Ceramic, Pressing and Sintering Ovens have been providing rock solid service for years.  Introduced to the U.S. in 2005, a legacy has emerged as new ovens have taken over and technology allowed for further advancements.  The new line of Zubler VARIO ovens, introduced in 2022, have changed the notable zubler dialer interface for a long awaited touch screen interface!  While the ceramic and sintering oven platforms contain some changes and augmentations (mostly under the cover and with the addition of the new touch display) the Vario Press 330 line got a complete new makeover and a lot of upgrades!  Find out more about the new line here: https://zublerusa.com/dental-ovens/

While some changes were very desirable over the years, others were necessary.  As technology changes, obsolescence forces some products into retirement.  In recent years that cycle time has decreased, picking up pace with the need to reduce waste as raw material supplies require older chips and technology be cycled into obsolescence more rapidly than in previous years.   Some components for the initial Vario 300 and Vario Press 300 (CF Card) line of ovens are no longer available.  As some electronic components are no longer attainable.  That being said, it does not mean we can longer or will no longer service those ovens. Just as with any Zubler product, we do our best to provide the ability for clients to upgrade, update or repair their equipment as needed.  Should  you have a catastrophic failure for whatever reason, rest assured, we are here for you!

For  your convenience below is the documentation from our older Vario oven lines.  If you are looking for more information or need further assistance, please contact us.

vario press ovens
vario ceramic ovens

Documentation (PDFs)