Duplicating & Putty

REPLISIL (Duplicating Silicone):

Duplicating silicone addition curing 1 : 1, Shore A 22 + 32

Pink tint supports an optimal surface characterization, highly tear resistant, very flexible, easy to deflask, no wetting agents required, 100% alleviation of tension, thin flowing, no shrinkage, optimal dimensional detail accuracy, suitable for casting without flasks, suitable for flask-less duplicating systems, no limitation to the expansion value of investments

REPLISIL contains no additional fillers, and consequently efficient as it produces a larger volume at comparable weight.
REPLISIL 22 N + REPLISIL 32 N normal curing 30 min.
REPLISIL 22 S fast curing 10 min.

Color: Base pink, Catalyst white (REPLISIL 22 N+S)
Color: Base light red, Catalyst white (REPLISIL 22 NF)

Technical Specifications:

Dosing: 1:01
Color Code: Pink
Working Time: ca. 7 Minutes
Setting Time: ca. 25 Minutes
Hardness: Shore A 22
Density: 1.05 g / cm3
Viscosity: ca. 2,500 mpA s
Linear Dimension Change: < 0.2 %
Tear Resistance (DIN 53 504 S 1): 3.0 N/mm2
Elongation at tear (DIN 53 504 S 1): 400%
Continuing Tear Resistance (ASTM D 624 B): 5.0 N/mm

STENSIL (Lab Putty Silicone):

Lab Putty addition curing 1:1, Shore A 85 + 90 + 95

  • Simple and safe mixing ratio, supple and easily knead-able consistency
  • Precise impression definition, optimal dimension stability
  • High purity, smooth surface, easy to cut
  • Boil proof, non-sticking, physiologically uncritical (platinum catalyst)
  • Suitable for check bites, silicone keys, bite registrations,
  • Models for denture repairs, blocking-out,
  • Teeth-insulating in the flask and all kinds of molds
  • Color: Base blue
  • Curing time: ca. 4,5 min.

STENSIL contains no additional fillers, and consequently extraordinarily efficient as it produces a larger volume at comparable weight.

Technical Information:

Mixing time: approx. 45 sec manual
Processing time: approx. 1:30 min
Setting time: approx. 3:45 min
Density at 23°C: 1.56 g/cm3 STENSIL 85 + 90; 1.84 g/cm3 STENSIL 95
Linear change of measurement: After 24 hours < 0.2%

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