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Dust in dental technology Is a big occupational hazard!
Dental technicians are especially at risk. According to statistics from the BGFE (German Occupational Society for Precision and Electrical Engineering), occupational skin and lung diseases are considerably more prevalent among dental technicians than the BGFE average. Fine airborne particles are especially dangerous. Highly detrimental effects to the skin and respiratory organs have also been identified from dental gypsum and investment materials. The same is true of non-classified particles with general exposure limits.

Occupational health and safety are non-negotiable
If dental laboratories fail to use suction, most dust that is generated will clearly exceed occupational exposure limits. Suction to eliminate harmful dust is invariably required by German regulations governing the use of hazardous substances. Furthermore, all vacuum systems require mandatory testing for effectiveness at least once a year.

The Unknown Problems Created by Airborne Particles
Unknown to many is that household dust is detrimental to electronics, but dust and particles released by dental processes onto your equipment and electronic devices can dramatically shorten their service life, create problems with other processes in the vicinity as well as the associated health risks. This is especially true with modern processes utilizing zirconia dust, investments dust, alumina dust, glass beads, monomer fumes and gypsum dust.

We support you with our experience
Dust exposure can be dramatically reduced using optimized funnel systems and state-of the-art suction equipment.

Suction Equipment Maintenance
Poorly managed or ineffective indoor (single station and multi station) suction systems can re-release particles back into the working environment. That is why our suction systems are equipped with options for HEPA and Activated Carbon exhaust filters for the health and safety of staff! However, these safety measures are not effective without enough extraction air flow. Motor and suction unit maintenance must be carried out on a regular basis to ensure optimal extraction.

Zubler Suction equipment filters are designed to maintain optimal efficiency while protecting the motor and internal components from pollutants and dusts. Regular replacement will extend the life and maintain optimal extraction air flow, ensuring your suction system is up and running when you need it.

For information on suction unit filter fitment, consult your manual or download the PDFs below.

Turn on your vacuum – always!
Even vacuum systems not using the latest technology will usually reduce dust levels around the workspace. However, you should make an effort to improve the situation before there is a problem

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Zubler FZ Central Suction Filter

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