Investment Expansion Liquid

Expansion Liquid for any Zubler Speed Investment Type

Use 100% Expansion liquid for maximum expansion. Dilute with distilled water for reducing expansion. See complete investment instructions for dilution ratios.

Ideal processing temperature: 68º-73°F / 20º-23°C


  • If you think the expansion liquid has been compromised or frozen, you may see crystals have developed in the liquids. If you are unsure, please contact us for support.
  • We recommend ordering a winter supply so freezing during shipment is not an issue during the winter months.

Zubler Expansion liquid and Zubler investments are best measured utilizing the VARIO BALANCE Dosing device. For more information on the Zubler Expansion Liquid, Investments or The Dosing Device contact Zubler USA, or download the information below.

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Documentation (PDFs)