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  • Polymerization Bath IVO-4 Item# 910003

    Stainless steel bath, electronic water level control, microchronometer, continuous temperature control, built-in air sockets, indirect heating (no limestone deposits on heating elements).
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  • Plaster Separator Item# 910001

    Sealed 4-chamber clarifi cation system
    No unpleasant odors No spillage Easy to clean
    Transparent container with plastic sheet inlay and snapshut locking system. Transparency of plaster separator enables visual monitoring of sludge. Plastic bag inlay ensures easy and rapid cleaning.
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  • Extractor Item# 920192

    With activated charcoal filter.

    Avoid the health risksof hazardousvapors. This userfriendly exhaust system allows you to target the ever increasing risks from chemical substances. The degree of separation for insulation fluid is 84olo, for Monomer 89o/o, if the exhaust system is used with the activated charcoal filter, and ifthe filter is regularly replaced after approx.50 operating hours. A light sensor automatically turns on the system during countertop operation. Upon completion of the work process, the system will turn off with some time delay.
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  • Air Hose Return Device Item#82512642

    With 6/3mm hose, air blower with air adjustment valve, connector hose and air socket,
    Space-saving, gentle tube routing with definitive stop (no pull) during use. Compact unit, for installation anywhere.
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  • Straight with sub-structure Item# 825/2647

    Slanted with sub-structure Item# 82512648

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