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Dosage Device

Removing the Problems of Conventional Methodology
The most common problems when incorporating individual elements of Investments and Gypsums are variations in measurement and tolerance stacking. Individual packages of investment are often not precisely measured. Add to this the inaccurate measurement of individual elements due to visual variation, inaccurately calibrated or non-calibrated devices and cylinders, it is no surprise that inconstancies occur routinely. These problems are removed with the Vario Balance!

Calculating the needed amounts of liquid and water
Investing objects of different sizes and geometries for optimum precision of fit requires a very accurate composition of the investment compound. With the Vario Balance, all that is needed is to run your custom program. The device will guide you through the process of adding the liquids and powder, automatically calculating the amounts required including any adjustment needed if too much or too little of any individual element is added. The display will show the concentrations, amounts and results throughout and at the conclusion of a program. The Vario Balance will also automatically convert the density of the liquid (which can be selected in the settings) to the amount of liquid required!
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