Panther Rotary

First choice for every indication

Their versatility is unmatched — monolithic and partially veneered zirconia, fine-structured glass ceramics and conventional veneering ceramics.

High End Instruments: from the professional for the professional

The possibilities offered by modern all-ceramics have never been as diverse as they are today. The requirements are constantly growing — this calls for a high degree of flexibility in addition to perfection. With our Panther Premium range, you have the perfect solution for all users: from optimal green state processing to premium finishes for the highest demands.

Carsten Fischer
Sirius Ceramics

Perfect accentuation of unsintered zirconia

Gentle, systematic finishing

Smooth and efficient for multilayer zirconia

A Panther for the rough and tough

The preliminary stage to the perfect gloss

Effortless to the desired gloss level

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