Plaster Separator

(Plaster Trap)

The plaster separator from BDT installs easily into most any existing sink plumbing and will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of plaster wastes.

The bag lined plaster separator utilizes a simple plastic liner bag to make plaster trap cleaning a snap. Furthermore, the easily removable lines, lid and interior divider allow for easy removal and replacement of liner bags. Simply disconnect the lines, attach the line plug caps, unfasten the lid, remove the four-compartment divider, and remove and replace the liner bag. Reinstall in reverse!

Fittings, hoses and parts are available for individualized installation applications.

Technical Data:

Height: 320 mm
Diameter: 340 mm
Discharge height: 245 mm
Discharge connector: Ø 50 mm
Capacity: 14 liters
Inlet connection: 1 1/2″, Ø 28 mm
Weight: 2,1 kg

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