Single Station Suction & Equipment

Zubler Z1 Suction Units

For Individual Workstations, Milling Machines and Equipment
The application is important and efficient extraction imperative. Zubler has always stressed the importance of work safety and healthy air in the laboratory. The suction units have become legendary and known for their durability, power and low noise. Now more than ever they achieve those goals with more to offer!

The latest Motor Technology
The new Smart Drive control for carbon brush motors installed in the Z1 suction systems ensures a guaranteed motor operating time of 1500 hours without changing the carbon brushes. In addition, the long running time can be increased considerably by the possibility of changing the carbon brushes multiple times.

Automatic Suction Regulation
The Z1 line of suction units feature a regulated step switch with 5 levels of user definable performance of which the user can freely store in the first four levels. The intelligent suction power control adjusts the programmed setting depending on filter saturation. This ensures constant performance independent of the saturation of the filter bag. The fifth suction level serves as a boost for short-term maximum suction power.

Standard and Available Exhaust
Standard equipment of Z1 suction systems includes a diffusor at the output of the system, which guarantees the legally prescribed exhaust air flow of a maximum of one meter per second. Alternatively, an H14 filter or an activated carbon filter can be installed there in compliance with the prescribed guide value. As a further alternative, an adapter for the exhaust air connection to the outside is optionally available.

The Sound
It’s quiet! The Z1 line of suction systems are amazingly quiet compared to previous lines. While decibels have decreased suction power has not. View the technical specifications of each unit for details on their specific loudness in the relate PDF brochure, downloadable below.

For the Bench and Equipment or CAD/CAM?
The application is important and while many of the units obviously work with most common lab equipment, be assured that the Z1 CAM and Z1 CAM PRO suction units have the necessary fitment for you milling system. Various connections are available to connect to many different machines, and the list is growing.

Zubler Extraction Technology APP
A Bluetooth connection with Zubler Extraction Technology APP gives you the possibility to obtain rapidly a high number of information about the condition of the suction system. You can easily make individual settings on the device from your smartphone or tablet and contact us via remote maintenance in case of service.

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