Sinter Granulate

Longer lasting stability for more types of work.

Modern sintering protocols require more stability and even heat disbursement.  Homogeneity from the inside to the edge of the sintering dish or tray can be difficult to achieve.  Furthermore, sintering large frameworks while sintering single units can create temperature instability and greatly increase firing cycle requirements due to the need for support structures and an increased thermal mass from the amount of zirconia in the chamber requiring heat treatment.

Sinter Granulate reduces this requirement by offering more stability in the heating process, reducing the need for longer cycles by eliminating need for the use of support structures for large frameworks.  Now single units and frameworks can be sintered with relative ease and with less demanding cycles.

The advantage is not only in time savings, but in zirconia savings and design time due to the elimination of support structures and bases.  Moreover, precious sintering bowl space is regained, and more work can be accomplished!  Lastly, Sinter Granulate lasts longer than beads!

Zubler USA has developed a special cycle for use with our ovens, zirconia and Sinter Granulate that allows consistent results to be achieved with accelerated sintering schedules.  For more information about specific cycles, check out the Zirconia IFU on our website at the bottom of any of our zirconia pages.

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Sinter Granulate YTZ 200g
Sinter Granulate & Full Arches
Preparing to Sinter an Arch with Granulate
Arches in Sinter Granulate