Suction Hoods & Accessories
For FZ Vario Central, Multi and Single Suction Systems

For FZ VARIO central suction applications, port openers, piping, bench insertions, suction funnels, hose, bench outlets for cleaning staff and cleaning tools allow the optimum use of the investment of central suction. These optional accessories open the workplace space, remove requirements for individual pieces of equipment and messy installations. No single suction units, or vacuum cleaners are required in these laboratories and dental offices.

For FZ Variomatic multiple station systems, similar applications are available to create the optimum workspace. Hoods, hoses, piping, and other accessories allow the full optimization of the FZ2 Variomatic’s design.

For individual units, some fitments and adapters are available along with piping and funnels for workstations, while CAD/CAM units have special connections for respective milling systems.

Zubler Suction Funnel R1200

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Zubler Suction Hose
Zubler Suction Funnels
Zubler Suction Funnel Attachments

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