Vario Balance

Dosing Device

Fast & precise dosing for investment, gypsum, acrylic and more! Minimal effort with maximum accuracy. “More accurate than the human eye”

  • Extremely consistent results
  • Highly accurate
  • Maximum error rate (< 1%)
  • Avoids errors caused by the use of graduated cylinders!
  • Correct calculation of the required amount of water and liquid
  • 50 customizable programs for investment and gypsum
  • Powder quantity calculation and real-time update
  • Precise expansion control

All liquids and powders are added directly into the mixing bowl used by your vacuum mixer.  Precise ratios can be consistently reproduced via real-time program instructions.  Liquid density is accounted for, package weight inaccuracies are displayed, and the optimal expansion is consistently attained.  The graduated cylinder is now redundant and accuracy for the measurement of powders and liquids have never been more crucial!

Reproducible results

The error rate drops to a minimum (<1%) compared to imprecise conventional weighing and measuring methods (=/<10%). The results for the laboratory are a savings of time and 100% fitting accuracy.

An innovative design.  The integrated user interface and shatter-resistant safety glass with touch function is not only rugged, it is also convenient, and easy to clean and maintain.

Removing the Problems of Conventional Methodology

One of the most common problems when incorporating individual elements of investments and gypsums are variations in measurements created by tolerance stacking. Individual package material weights vary from that of the label. Add to this the inaccurate measurement of individual elements due to visual variation, inaccurately or non-calibrated cylinders, liquid residuals in cylinders or contaminated cylinders and it is no surprise that inconsistencies occur routinely.  Most if not all the problems are removed with the VARIO BALANCE!

The enormous saving of time and fit accuracy increase success quickly and measurably.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: (W x H x D) 170 mm x 75 mm x 215 mm
Weight: 1,1 kg
Voltage: 100 – 240 V, ~ 50/60Hz, 0,3 A
Output Voltage: 9 V
Amperage: 500 mA
Power: max. 4,5 W
Weigh Range: max. 2,0 kg
Zubler Vario Balance Dosing Device View 1
Zubler Vario Balance Dosing Device View 2

More Images of the Vario Balance

Vario Balance Dosing Device Screen - Selecting Dilution
Vario Balance Dosing Device Screen - Measuring Liquid
Vario Balance Dosing Device Screen - Measuring Water
Vario Balance Dosing Device Screen - Measuring Powder

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