XTCERA 3D Zirconia

Xtcera’s 3D Zirconia is graduated in translucency and strength from cervical to incisal to bring you the most natural looking aesthetics possible form a zirconia restoration. Intended for use with single units up to three-unit bridges, this material exhibits a natural translucence at the incisal of 55% with 750MPa of strength transitioning beautifully to a margin translucence of 47%-49% with strengths up to 1200MPa.

Beautiful aesthetics and structural integrity; a combination long desired in zirconia applications now available in 3D white with FREE water-based color liquids or 3D Multilayered (pre-shaded) in 16 Vita Classic shades and OM3 bleach shade.

Xtcera 3D Zirconia Layer Transitions Table

Technical Data:

Transmittance (Translucency) 55% (Incisal) – 43% (Cervical) 55% (Incisal) – 43% (Cervical)
Available Shades VITA Classic 16 Shadeds A1-D4 & OM3 Color Liquids
Powder High Quality Chinese High Quality Chinese
Manufacturing Type Axial Press->Isostatic Press->Sintering Axial Press->Isostatic Press->Sintering
Physical Property Physical Property Physical Property
Bending Strength  INCISAL ≥750MPa – CERVICAL  ≥1100MPa  INCISAL ≥750MPa – CERVICAL  ≥1100MPa
Pre-Sintered Density 3.06g/cm³ 3.06g/cm³
Sintered Density ≥6.03g/cm³ ≥6.04g/cm³
Vickers Hardness 1250HV 1250HV
Chemical Solubility <100μg/cm² <100μg/cm²
CTE 9.91×10 K 9.91×10 K
Thermal Shock Resistence (YY0301-1998) Complied Complied
Chemical Composition Chemical Composition Chemical Composition
ZrO2+HfO2 >94% >94%
Y2O3 4.5-6.0wt% 4.5-6.0wt%
AL2O3 <0.5wt% <0.5wt%
Other Oxides < 0.5wt% < 0.5wt%
Xtcera 3D Zirconia & Layers

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xtcera 3d zirconia anterior
xtcera 3D zirconia restorations
xtcera 3D multilayer transitions

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