The D-One milling machine was developed by Xtcera as a tabletop four-axis wet milling machine utilizing integrated design ques in an attractive small form factor.

While attractive, the D-One mill comes packed with technology. The powerful spindle of the D-One along with the CAM software allow for efficient milling of ceramic and pmma materials with milling times as short as 15 minutes!

The rigid design and high accuracy harmonic drive of the A axis with 360° of rotation provides more accuracy and repeatability.

Getting it done has never been so easy!


Dimension: (WxHxD) 490mm x 700mm x 610mm
Weight: (kg) Approximately 80 kg
Input Voltage: Single-phase 220 Vac
Max Power: 900 W
Spindle Power: 250 W
Axis Quantity: 4
Milling Range: 360°
Milling Mode: Wet Milling
Max Speed: 60,000 rpm
Max Feeding Speed: 6000 mm/min
Bur Capacity: 3
Bur Changing: Automatic
Cooling: Natural Cooling
Materials: PMMA, Glass Ceramic
Milling Time: (Avg) Glass Ceramic: 15min
xtcera d-one
xtcera d-one

More Images of the XTCERA D-One

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