Zubler Monomer Bath

Zubler Monomer Baths R1600 & R1601

Zubler’s line of suction systems and accessories is legendary and built to last! While a long list of accessories exists for dental labs and offices of all types, we thought we might separate these two pieces out for those of you in the removable side of the lab business dealing with monomer fumes.

Exhausting and unhealthy, monomer fumes should be carefully exhausted while in process and kept being inhaled. The R1600 stationary monomer bath and R1601 Mobile Monomer Bath both create a pleasant working environment for mixing plastics.

The R1600 can be permanently installed into the benchtop for daily use as a stationary plastic mixing station while the R1601 Mobile Monomer Bath utilizes Zubler’s unique rectangular pipes that hook up easily to mobile, stationary and central suction systems.

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