Air Hose With Return Device

Space-saving, gentle tube routing with definitive stop (no pull) during use. Compact unit, for installation anywhere.

Did you think you had to have an expensive dental bench to have a retractable air hose? The Air hose and return motion device from BDT lets you create your own workspace. Place this unit on an existing bench or desk installation without much effort. Merely mount the motion device and the desired holder in the configuration you choose, and you now have air at your fingertips!

No more messy airlines, or unprofessional air hoses from local do-it-yourself stores. This will tidy your up your lab and bring you a step closer to the workspace you always desired.

Easily attachable to existing air supplies the unit comes with a quick connect for a reliable and leak free air connection!

Configuration information is available in the PDF below.

For questions or more details, please contact Zubler USA.

Technical Data:

6/3 mm hose, air blower with air adjustment valve, connector hose and air socket.

Height: 90 mm
Depth: 30 mm
Length: 420 mm / 470 mm
Tube extension: 550 mm / 690 mm
Connector: 8/6 mm / 8/6 mm
Discharge: 6/3mm / 6/3mm
Weight: 700g / 750g

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Documentation (PDFs)