Apple Dental A1
High Speed Handpiece

The A1 High Speed Push Button Handpiece from Apple Dental delivers stable, smooth, quiet operation!  Engineered with quality and comfort in mind, the A1 features an all new patented spindle design.  Engineered with Japanese ceramic coated bearings, the motor and patented spindle design provide smooth operation with rugged high torque while ensuring burs never come loose.

Key features include a high torque, clean head system, four point anti-retraction, and single water spray.

Technical Data:

Noise: ≤60dB
Rotor Speed: 320 (krpm) -400 (krpm)
Torque/Power: 22W-24W
Water flow: 90 (ml/min) -110(ml/min)
Air Pressure: 0.25 (MPa) -0.3 (MPa)
Water pressure: 0.2 (MPa) -0.23 (MPa)
Atomization pressure: 0.3 (MPa) -0.35 (MPa)
Noise: ≤60dB

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