Boil Out Unit

Wassermann Wapo-Ex 8 Plus & WAPO-EX 12 II

Range of application:

The Wassermann line of Wapo-Ex boilout units stand out for the removable laboratory that wants to increase efficiency!  Be more productive with an easily programmable timer and automatic wax removal. The EX 12 II features is a free-standing unit featuring an integrated spray gallows and scalds up to 12 half flasks simultaneously and fully automatically! The touch screen interface offers a diverse range of functions and reproducible procedures with simple programmability. The Wapo-Ex line of boilout units from Wassermann are manufactured using high quality materials and are designed for durability!

Major features:

  • Wapo Ex 12 II – Free standing unit for scalding up to 12 flask halves
  • Wapo EX 8 Plus – Tabletop unit for scalding up to 8 flask halves
  • Multi function touch-screen terminal for easiest operation
  • Efficient usage thanks to its programmable timer and automatic wax removal
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safety features with visual and audible signals
  • Easy to clean

Included in delivery EX 12:

  • Spray gallows
  • Service set (lime remover and wax remover)
  • Supply hose with water inlet valve and gasket
  • Discharge hose with hose band clamp Ø 12-20×9
  • Spray arm tube with seal
  • 2 flask baskets
  • 2 covers

Included in delivery EX 8 Plus:

  • Service set (4 filter mats, 1 L lime remover, 2 L wax remover)
  • Discharge hose, 1.5 m
  • Hose clip Ø 20-32 x 12.2

Technical Data:

Voltage: 220–240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: (Wapo 12 / Wapo 8) 12A / 9A
Output max.: (Wapo 12 / Wapo 8) 3300W / 2000W
Dimensions (MAX)
Wapo EX 12 II with Gallows (W x H x D) 650 x 1600 x 620 mm
Wapo EX 8 Plus Max (W x H x D) 660 x 585 x 480 mm
Sound level: ≤ 70 dB (A)
Water capacity approx.:(Wapo 12 / Wapo 8)  50 liters / 21 liters
Water feed rate: (Wapo EX 12) 4.5 l / min
Water drain height: (Wapo EX 12) 470 mm
Wassermann Boil Out Unit View2

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