Chrome Cobalt Milling Tools


Cobalt Chromium milling tools are designed for rendering consistent results for current complex metal milling strategies like frameworks. CoCr tools are available for both DCS and Xtcera milling machines.

High quality burs and mill accessories are cornerstones of accuracy and consistency in mill management. Only the highest quality burs and fittings, made from the purest materials, with the highest accuracy possible will accommodate the most advantageous milling strategies. That is the only way our mills will provide quicker milling times, with precision detail.

Milling tools for the machining of all commercially available dental materials have been selected and developed specifically to address today’s modern dental automation applications. DC milling tools are adapted directly to the requirements of the milling systems from Dental Concept Systems and provide process reliability for dental technicians using a wide variety of materials.

chrome cobalt milling tool in hand
chrome cobalt dentures

Using OEM parts and consumables for your milling investment is recommended. Outside or secondary sources provide little support or are unable to provide the same quality. Furthermore, secondary sources are not supporting your milling machine and are not invested in caring about your interests. We have a vested interest in your support and desire for your continued success. We want you to be happy with your investment which is why we provide OEM or better parts and accessories for your machine.

More Images of Tools for Ceramic Milling

chrome cobalt milling photo 1
chrome cobalt milling photo 2
chrome cobalt milling photo 3
chrome cobalt milling photo 4

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