Concept Art Stains & Glazes

The fluorescent and light-amplifying effects of DC Ceram conceptArt paste stains are an aesthetic contribution to staining technology. Finally allowing the natural appearance of color and chroma to maintain its intended characteristics in any lighting without darkening or greying. For use in individual characterization as an “internal stain” or “external stain”, little effort is required to achieve excellent results with pressed, milled or layered ceramics. The consistency and viscosity of the respective shades allow for smooth application and a homogeneous appearance with large coverage while detail is retained in fine characterizations.

Fluorescent stains
The fluorescent components operate to amplify light. This means the concept Art stains will retain their light optical appearance (similar to that of a natural tooth) even in relatively dark areas of the mouth cavity. Another advantage to the concept Art fluorescent stains is that graying does not occur.

The Shades
Our shades are named after the Vita Shade system A,B,C and D. Mainly added in the cervical area of the tooth up to the tooth equator they provide the ceramic restoration with a chromatic basic shade. The intensity is controlled by the quantity applied and the shade is defined by the numbers 1 – 4. In contrast to the modifier or value stains the technician stays within the same color group if applied too strongly or too weak, without changing the basic shade of the ceramic restoration. The consistency of the conceptArt shades are set up so dimensional staining will be no problem and the sometimes “spotty” looking appearance after firing is now a thing of the past.

concept art stain and glaze view 2

More Images of Concept Art Stains & Glazes

concept art stain and glaze photo 1
concept art stain and glaze photo 3
concept art stain and glaze photo 4

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