DC Ceram 9.2 Ceramics

Developed according to the latest technical findings in ceramics with zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate!

The innovative DC Ceram 9.2 veneering ceramic for lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide material is by its chemical composition a new standard in the field of dental ceramics. The microstructure remains virtually unchanged during consecutive firing cycles and prevents uncontrollable dimensional changes which often result in cracking. Introduced with the basic components, opalescent ceramic accessories lend a remarkable luminosity with adequate translucency. Dentin and chroma dentin in 16 Vita shades and two bleach shades, Special dentin 3-16, chroma modifiers, transparency and opalescent for all indications make up the assortment. Layering on lithium disilicate and Zirconia can be made individually in all areas of modern veneering. The leucite, feldspathic ceramic DC Ceram 9.2 is designed for veneering substructures made of zirconium oxide. The range includes 19 dentin and 7 Special dentins (Interface System).

Low working temperatures when pressing and layering DC Ceram 9.2 minimizes thermal stress to framework materials. The excellent handling properties and low shrinkage after firing simplify the manufacturing process. The comprehensive DC Ceram™ color concept ensures aesthetically appealing results in both simple and complex layering. The photo-optical properties are perfectly matched to the veneered framework materials. The natural brilliance and chroma of the ceramics harmonize ideally with conceptPress lithium disilicate ceramic.

  • Natural looking aesthetic
  • Logical structure, secure in processing
  • Complete for all areas of application
  • Stable thermal coefficient of expansion even after multiple firings

Before staining, all basic components of the ceramic exhibit the fluorescence and opalescence matched to the natural tooth. Additives and the associated diffusion of light increase the brightness of the ceramic with adequate translucency. The problematic “graying” or “glazing” on zirconium is largely avoided thanks to this material.

All ceramic materials are matched to the Vita® Classical color system. An extensive and logical assortment are available, creating the conditions for the reproducible manufacture of high-quality aesthetic dental prostheses.

dc ceram 9.2 ceramics view 1
dc ceram 9.2 ceramics view 2

More Images of DC Ceram 9.2 Ceramics

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dc ceram 9.2 ceramics photo 2
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