DC5™ Milling System – DISCONTINUED

DC5™ milling system for the modern dental laboratory.

The DC5™ enables the dental laboratory to make the jump to a new dimension of CAD/CAM. Thanks to ultra-modern technology, the up-to-date design of the DC5™ is appealing while also high-performance. With adjustable extraction technology, an independent measurement system and the possibility to use all commercially available dental materials, the DC5™ meets the requirements for comprehensive milling centers.

Developed especially for the machining of model castings, preforms, abutments, implants, bridges, models, occlusal splints and the grinding of ceramics or composites, the DC5™ milling system leaves nothing to be desired by the modern dental technician.  A 5-axis simultaneous mill, the DC5™  can grind, drill and cut.  Modules are available for the wet processing of metals and composites, for the grinding of ceramics and for an integrated extraction unit or a central extraction system.

Features of the DC5™

  • System freedom (No locked down material requirements)
  • Modular design for efficient organization
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Wet & Dry milling
  • Integrated filter & pump for wet processes
  • Easy to clean sealed workspace. As little as 5 minutes between wet and dry processes.
  • Material capabilities include zirconia, ceramics, lithium disilicate, CoCr, titanium, PMMA, composites, wax and model materials.
  • Exchangeable 10-tool magazines with automatic tool measurement and twin tool management.
  • Automatic machine calibration for maximum precision.
  • Synergy in manufacturing through DC Concept CONTROL.
  • The DC Concept CONTROL software and modular construction support both the DC5™ and DC1™ systems to offer a wide range of options for extended dental production.

Technical data for the DC5™

Measurements: (W x H x D) 73cm x 195cm x 75cm
Weight: 530kg (without extraction system)
Spindle: High-frequency spindle with hybrid ball bearing
Max. rotary speed: 60,000 rpm
Tool Holder: Pneumatic chuck for burs with 6 mm shaft
Angle of inclination in the rotary axes: ± 360° (B-axis) and ± 30° (A-axis)
Compressed air connection: Minimum 7 bar
Voltage/frequency: 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Repeatability: ± 0.01 mm
Transport system: Mounting rails, forklift, lift truck, crane
dcs dc5 view 2

German engineering quality
DCS systems are manufactured according to the rules of German engineering quality in a solid construction. Durability is a prime importance. Therefore, we permanently support our customers in maintaining the value of their systems by periodical offering components to update the systems. Only this explains the long-standing stable value of our systems.

More Images of DCS DC5

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