DC7™ milling system for the modern dental laboratory

The DC7™ is a CAD/CAM machining center for dental laboratories with industrial aspirations and provides users with more efficient production capabilities. Packed in a contemporary design, the milling system boasts state-of-the-art technology. the DC7™ was designed as a solution for comprehensive milling centers that desire the ability to mill all conventional dental materials. The DC7™ features integrated workpiece measurement with disc automation, controllable extraction technology, self-contained machine calibration systems, and the added ability to step up to the super class with a manageable investment.

Features of the DC7™

  • System freedom (No locked down material requirements)
  • Strong motor spindle with increased clamping force for high production continuous loads
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling system
  • Wet & Dry milling Material capabilities include zirconia, ceramics, lithium disilicate, CoCr, titanium, PMMA, composites, wax and model materials.
  • Integrated, fully automatic extraction system from Zubler
  • Exchangeable 20 – tool magazine with automatic tool measurement and twin tool management
  • App-based remote monitoring for machine and DC CONTROL software
  • Modular design for efficient organization
  • Integrated filter & pump for wet processes
  • Easy to clean sealed workspace. As little as 5 minutes between wet and dry processes.
  • Automatic machine calibration for maximum precision.
  • Synergy in manufacturing through DC Concept CONTROL.

Technical data for the DC7™

Measurements: (W x H x D) 73cm x 195cm x 81.5cm
Weight: 645 (without extraction system)
Spindle: High-frequency spindle with hybrid ball bearing and tuning of power/torque for continuous load.
Max. rotary speed: 60,000 rpm
Tool Holder: Pneumatic chuck for burs with 6 mm shaft (with clamping force boost)
Angle of inclination in the rotary axes: ± 360° (B-axis) and ± 30° (A and B-axis)
Compressed air connection: Minimum 7 bar
Voltage/frequency: 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Repeatability: ± 0.01 mm
Disc Changer: 7 Disc automatic Changer
Transport system: Mounting rails, forklift, lift truck, crane
dcs dc7 view 1
dcs dc7 view 2

German engineering quality
DCS systems are manufactured according to the rules of German engineering quality in a solid construction. Durability is a prime importance. Therefore, we permanently support our customers in maintaining the value of their systems by periodical offering components to update the systems. Only this explains the long-standing stable value of our systems.

More Images of DCS DC7

dcs dc7 photo 1
dcs dc7 photo 2
dcs dc7 photo 3
dcs dc7 photo 4

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