Disposable Plungers

Zubler® Disposable Plungers for all pressable ceramics

Avoiding the errors that prevent consistent results is a major challenge in the pressing area of any laboratory. With more than 8 million disposable plungers shipped to labs in just a few years, the benefits these plungers provide is clear, better heat distribution is just the beginning…

  • Better heating transfer during press cycles
  • Quicker heat dissipation during cooling
  • No separator needed when pressing lithium disilicate
  • No pre-heating required
  • Easy to use
  • Simply discard after use
  • No more cleaning pressed residue
  • Eliminates failure due to deformation or contamination from repeated usage


  • Ring cracking
  • Plunger flash
  • Press rod contamination
  • reaction layer


  • Uniform applied pressure to the ingot
  • Complete presses
  • Process Consistency

Alumina oxide plungers are a common source of frustration for many labs, causing mis-presses, cracking, increasing reaction layer, and are a source of contamination and surface issues. Furthermore, they require cleaning and close monitoring to remove residue and maintain proper form. They also need pre-heating for some processes.

Zubler® Disposable Plungers unique material components, prevent stress fractures in the transition region between the ingot and press plunger that would otherwise be transmitted through the ingot, to the sprue and into the work. Do not stick to the press rod or pressed unit due to remaining pressed residue unlike alox plungers, and do not get deformed from repeated sandblasting that can cause cracking, unlike alox plungers.

Many different pressable materials and systems require a variety diameters and lengths. Zubler® disposable press plungers provide the ideal solution, to give your pressings the best results and to avoid the problems that occur with the use of alumina oxide plungers. In multiple diameters; 12mm for tradition press ceramics and press-to, 13mm for lithium disilicate and lithium silicates and 16mm for large 5g ingot sizes, and in multiple lengths for multiple process. The table below lists the corresponding disposable plunger for the associated process.

Zubler® Disposable Plungers are available in different sizes for different applications.

  • Ø 12mm (50 Count)
  • Ø 13mm (50 Count) – For Lithium Disilikat Ingots
  • Ø 13mm, Short (50 Count) – For IPS e.max® Press Multi*
  • Ø 16mm (28 Count)

* IPS e.max® is s registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH/ Schaan (Liechtenstein).

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