Multi Station Suction


multi-station suction system for up to 4 suction stations at the same time

The Z4 multi-station suction system was developed as a small central suction system specifically for use in smaller dental laboratories or as an island solution for large dental laboratories. The new type of port system, with separation of the suction system and suction port opener, offers maximum flexibility and extremely easy installation.  Some of the features of the Z4 VARIOmatic:

  • Elimination of filter bags thanks to “permanent” filters with automatic filter cleaning system
  • Suitable for connection to up to 2 CAM milling machines or 4 workstations
  • Expandable with additional, external suction point openers
  • Gain increased space at individual workstations through remote unit placement
  • Improve the laboratory air quality climate control through external exhaust air installation

3 filter cartridges for large amounts of dust

The filters in the housing of the Z4 are automatically cleaned independently at regular intervals, utilizing an intelligent control system.  Compressed air is blown from the inside through the filter walls, and accumulated dust fall into a removable waste container. The use of several filters has a decisive advantage in terms of cleaning efficiency: No waiting for a tool change nor reduction in the suction power during the process.

EC Motor technology

The latest in air movement technology, EC motors offer increased efficiency over AC & DC motors, by taking the best of both and combining the two with the addition of a circuit board.  Although powered by AC, the commutators and overall motor design more resemble that of a DC motor.  The advantage is a longer lasting, more efficient and quieter motor!

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