Multi Station Suction

FZ2 VARIOmatic

The FZ2 VARIOmatic unit was designed specially for use in small dental laboratories. It offers a particularly reliable and clean vacuum solution even for high dust workspaces and for functional equipment such as belt sanders. Small dental offices or laboratories may be able to cover all requirements for device or workspace suction by installing a single FZ2 VARIOmatic® as a mini central. Control of the vacuum motor speed is automated and will automatically adjust to the number of open vacuum positions. When a handpiece or other connected tool is activated, the vacuum position opens automatically (regardless of any other positions connected). Once deactivated, the port will close with a short delay to eliminate any residual dust (delayed stop function). The FZ2 VARIOmatic® is continuously on standby, building vacuum outputs as required without delay.
The exhaust of the FZ2 VARIOmatic was designed to be piped outside the building. This creates a cleaner environment and eliminates the noise caused by the flow of polluted exhaust air being sent through costly filters, from the motor back into the room.

Maintenance requirements are minimal and cleaning simple. The dust collector must be emptied, and the filter changed as needed. Filters last a long time and are automatically cleaned with compressed air by the unit, with debris falling into the dust collector.

A great solution for four to six workstations in the dental laboratory or office. FZ2 VARIOmatic multi-suction systems create a cleaner, healthier and quieter work environment.

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