DC Milling tools

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Diverse and Open

The evolution of materials and tools provides dental technicians with ever greater challenges. Simultaneously, the constant demand for quality increases the expectation in terms of precision and material aesthetics.
Whether it is implant supported superstructures, complete crowns, veneers, or other modern restoration, it will require a dependable precision milling operation.
Dental Concept Systems offers you an open system and understandable methods through a wide range of milling processes and supplies in the laboratory.
A New type of wax blank specially developed for pressing lithium disilicate glass ceramics, prevents the dreaded reaction layer these ceramics are so well known for.
Milling tools with strategy
Efficiency and complexity, this is the secret of a fruitful milling strategy. In order to enjoy this success-promising symbiosis, a team of programmers, engineers and dental technicians is working around the clock to come up with new ideas, strategies and methods for the full range of products at Dental Concept Systems.
Our tools are designed specifically for the DC concept CAM and manufactured to our specifications. New tool magazines in the DC milling system allow the use of more than 100 tools in an alternating sequence. Our machine controls are designed for use with dental manufacturing processes and therefore give the user a high level of process reliablity.
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Choosing the correct tool length is critical for both tool life and accuracy.

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