DC conceptCAM

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Understanding the benefits
The Dental Concept Systems CAM software was designed exclusively for the dental laboratory technician from the very beginning of development through the final release and thus like no other CAM software available today. Easy to work with and intuitive, it offers technicians the opportunity to quickly understand all of its processes and functions. Despite the great complexity of the dental CAD/CAM world, users will quickly become proficient, allowing for a quickly realized return on investment and an expanded range of new product offerings.
Speeding up work flow is a fundamental function of milling.
While the CAM software is user friendly, even more impressive are its extremely fast computation times. For example: a 14 unit restoration can be calculated in just 2 minutes.

Ahead of its time
Complete system clients will receive regular updates at no additional charge, and therefore always kept up with the latest available process advancements. New software versions may be offered after one or two years that contain added benefits at an additional charge. However, free service updates will be kept up for many years to come.
Furthermore, the support team at Dental Concept Systems will be available to train, to assist and to support whether by phone, online or in person; the team will always respond promptly. We believe that your connection to our team is necessary for successful and efficient production in your laboratory.
With regular training, modern CAM software becomes much easier to use. With this understanding, Dental Concept Systems offers in their own support center training programs to CAM users

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Developments for the laboratory
Current options for implant-supported superstructures with automatic hole detection and creation of unique insertions open a new world of possibilities. Processes that have been attempted in CAD can now be far more precisely realized in the DC concept CAM software and ultimately lead to the custom production of more precisely fitting restorations.
With direct access to the DC machine software, the user has the impression of continuing to work with his usual CAM software and can now enjoy (through unified blank management) all the advantages of the DC concept CAM software.
Dental Concept Systems encourages dental technicians to try the DC concept CAM software for sixty days, so that they may get to know the possibilities for themselves.