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92 different ceramic colors and transpas to choose from,

6 Fluorescing Liners
18 Chroma Dentins
11 Dentin Modifiers
19 Dentins
6 Special Dentins
6 Enamels
10 Transparent colors
2 Opals
6 Margin
8 Gingiva.

9.2 gives you the palette to compose any masterpiece.
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The innovative veneering DCceram 9.2 sets new standards with its chemical composition in the field of dental ceramics. The microstructure remains nearly unchanged during the firing cycles, thus preventing uncontrollable dimensional changes that often results in conventional ceramics to cracks after the fires. In the basic components introduced opalescent ceramic accessories lend a remarkable brightness with adequate translucency. Dentine and Chromadentine in 16 Vita shades, cutting, transparency and Opalmassen for all claims make up an assortment can be manufactured individually in all areas of modern veneering technique with the prosthesis.

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We offer the 9.2™ kits. 9.2™ can be used on both zirconia and lithium disilicate such as our Concept Press. To access the full potential of 9.2™ however we highly recommend the Transpa Kit and the Modifier Kit. These kits have the power to unleash the full potential of 9.2™ in combination with our Chroma Dentin ( Opacious Dentin ) along with our Body and Incisal ceramics.


When first starting down the 9.2™ path the Transpa and Modifier Kits are essential to 9.2™ versatility and power.
No matter what challenges you face when matching shades or simply adding life and depth to your restorations. The 9.2™ Transparent and Modifier Kits give you everything you need to create master works from the most simple build to the most complex.

9.2™ Transpa and opalescent can be used for individual stratification, especially in the incisal area. The opalescent elements introduced in the base material lend natural light optical effects to the fired ceramic.


9.2™ Modifier adds versatility, alter virtually any shade or hue as well as used strait out of the bottle. Add inter proximal warmth to calcification effects. 9.2™ modifiers can be mixed together to create new colors, added to body and chroma dentins, create mamalon effects, as well as used in the incisal area for rich effects. 9.2™ Modifiers can be used internally and externally to create any custom coloring imaginable. A vital addition to 9.2™ and its incredible power. 9.2™ Modifiers also contain four value hue modifiers in the four shade groups A, B, C, and D. ( not pictured ) These can be used to intensify any of the four major shade groups.

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9.2™ Liners When prepared in accordance with the basic colors of the Vita Classical shade system they give the ZrO2 framework material its fluorescence and accentuate its natural luminescence.


9.2™ Margin materials enable the production of precision ceramic shoulders for dental prostheses made of zirconia. They are characterized by high stability, low shrinkage and excellent light-optical effects in the gingiva.

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9.2™ Gingiva Kit offers 8 warm tissue colors with varying degrees of opacity. Opacious Deep Violets for base layers to simulate the near bone area to bright pink translucence near the outward areas and inter papilla regions.
9.2™ Gingiva brings new life to the Red and White.

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  • Master Kit

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    Everything. all 92 shades

  • Transpa Kit

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  • Modifier Kit

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  • Liner Kit

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  • Margin Kit

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  • Gingiva Kit

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9.2 is sold in kits. Buy the Master kit for everything 9.2 has to offer. Buy select Kits to get you started. Buy individual bottles of Dentin and Chroma Dentin including AO and BO bleach shades and refills for your Kit purchases . The versatile 9.2 DC Ceram.


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