Ring Formers

The Zubler Flex Ring System was developed to make pressing dental ceramics safer and more efficient. The long-lived silicone Flex Ring marks multiple sectors at the surface of the pressing ring, making it easier for the dental technician to identify the positions where the objects are located within the ring. The surface area of external walls have been increased by extrusion, speeding up and the heating and cooling process.

Flex Ring bases and tops are available for all pressable ceramic and ingot sizes.  The perfect combination of flexibility & strength with a proven intelligent design.

Patented Surface Extrusions:

The surface extrusions formed by these ring formers, increase the surface area of the ring by 40%, the advantages of this are: Rapid and homogeneous heat transference from the outside to the inside of the ring. Homogeneous and rapid cooling time

Sector Markings

The interior of the Zubler Flex Ring produces sector markings on the surface of the investment ring to: indicate the exact location of the patterns, allow quick reduction of the ring to retrieve the section containing the pressed patterns, and saves time and material (sandblasting)


Zubler‘s unique material composition ensures: free investment expansion, easy cleaning, consistent surface quality of the ring preventing cracks and dimensional stability, preventing leaking and deformation.

More Images of Zubler’s FLEX RING FORMERS

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