Vario Ceramic Oven

The only firing chamber in the world with 120mm diameter!

Renowned for quality and longevity, the latest Vario ceramic ovens from Zubler offer incomparable value to dental professionals.

Notable features include high-impact touch glass, a USB port, and chambers optimized for specific functions. The VARIO 230 series, equipped with “Z-120 Technology,” ensures homogeneity and consistent temperature across the entire firing tray. No matter where work is placed on the firing tray the results are the same.

The VARIO 230ZR, with TTC Mode, is ideal for sensitive ceramics like lithium disilicate and layered zirconia, making it the premier choice for secure processing of sensitive zirconia bridges and full arches.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: (W x H x D) 320 mm x 540 mm x 460 mm
Weight: 23 kg
Voltage: 100 V/115 V/230 V/240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power: 1250 W

TTC linear cooling (TTC program types)

The software and the firing chamber design of the VARIO 230 series ovens allows linear cooling for sensitive processing of materials (like zirconia and lithium disilicate ceramics) when TTC mode is enabled, preventing chipping, micro-fractures and cracks.  Perfect for full-arch and all on x processing!

Z-120 Technology

(Homogeneous Temperature!)

The VARIO 230 series ceramic ovens feature a firing chamber with an inner diameter of 120mm and heating coil height of approx. 60mm. This unique size configuration allows for temperature homogeneity across the entire firing tray un-attained until now. This new configuration in conjunction with Zubler’s legendary temperature control systems, guarantee the utmost precision and highest quality firings no matter where on the tray you put your work!

Z-DRY (Perfect Pre-Dry)

A virtual sensor adjusts the lift position based on the temperature in the firing chamber and automatically ensures an ideal and constant pre-drying temperature. This feature saves time from the traditional methodology and is much more accurate.

PFC (Power Failure Control)

If the power goes out, PFC is activated! Once power is restored the oven operation is returned to the point of interruption.

USB (Software updates and Program transfers made easy)

After successful registration of your VARIO 230 furnace in the service area (here: you have access to a huge database of programs and also software updates. To download various programs for all dental ceramics on the market and the current software version for your furnace – simply log in and download. In addition to the extended warranty, you will receive all services in the download center and you will always be technically up-to-date!


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