Vario Press Ovens

VARIO PRESS 300.e/300.eZR

Advanced Press technology with linear cooling for ceramic and zirconia!

The VARIO line of ceramic & pressing ovens from Zubler have become widely respected for their quality, longevity and relevant capabilities. The features of the latest line of Zubler VARIO PRESS series ovens possess advantages other ovens have tried to replicate. The Advanced Press and TTC Linear cooling features provided by the VARIO PRESS 300.eZR make it the premier combination pressing & ceramic oven.

Besides the obvious notables, such as the high impact touch glass and USB port Zubler is the first oven producer to specifically design their chambers to optimize their function. The VARIO PRESS 300 line of pressing ovens feature heating elements and chamber designs for optimal heating of pressable rings while still offering exceptional ceramic firing capabilities.

The ADVANCED PRESS feature provided by both the VARIO PRESS 300.e and VARIO PRESS 300.eZR offer rapid pressing of lithium disilicates while reducing reaction layer formation. 100g rings can pressed in as little 12-14 minutes!
The specialized TTC Mode programs offered in the VARIO PRESS 300.eZR provide linear cooling prior to the “Open time” portion of programs. Designed for sensitive ceramics like lithium disilicate and layered zirconia, TTC Mode has become noted for Zirconia full arch layering, staining and glazing firing. The TTC program types compliment the ADVANCED PRESS for lithium disilicates.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: (H x W x D) 765mm x 360mm x 425mm
Weight: 27 kg
Voltage: 115Vac 50/60Hz
Power: 1300 W

Scope of Delivery (Quantity)

VP300.e/VP300.eZR Press ceramic oven x 1
Power cable x 1
Flex Ring System 100g + 200g x 1
Press tray with tripod insert x 1
Firing tray x 1
Vacuum hose incl. inline filter x 1
Compressed Air Hose 2 m x 1
Sample of 13mm Disposable Plungers x 1
Ring Tongs x 1
Spare fuse x 1
USB fl ash drive x 1
Tweezers, long x 1
User’s manual x 1

For optimal pre-drying, to avoid cracks and blisters, it is best to pre-dry at a constant temperature of 130°C. Utilizing the symmetrical lift design, chamber temperature and lift position, the VARIO PRESS 300.e/300.eZR main-tain the optimal pre-dry temperature. By reading the chamber temperature, the VARIO 300.e/300.eZR will adjust the lift to compensate for any changes in the radiant temperature. Cracks or blisters are prevented by controlled drying with the Z-Dry Mode. In subsequent firings you save wait-time thanks to the Z-Dry Mode. The work can be placed on the firing tray well before the programmed start temperature has been attained.

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