VARIOStar T50 Handpiece

The all-around handpiece for the modern dental laboratory- unbeatable in quality and price!

The VARIOStar T50 handpiece systems provide robust torque through the entire range of rotational speeds up to 50,000 rpm. Updated in 2017, the redesigned T50 VARIOStar handpiece control unit adds a larger dial and more conveniently placed controls for easy-of-use.  Also more attractive, the new design adds a tool carriage to the top of the unit.

Ergonomically designed, the VARIOStar handpiece with smooth quiet operation supports fatigue-free work.  Combined with the convenient T50 controller with tool cradle, both create the optimum workspace. The handpiece system is guaranteed compatible with your extraction system and comes with your choice of a foot pedal, knee pedal or foot lever.


  • Ease of use for your daily routine in the laboratory
  • Simple input of rotation speed via control unit
  • Clear start-up signal for all suction units available on the market
  • Easy to read, continuous rotation speed indicator on the knee control device or optional cradle with display!
  • Left-hand/right-hand rotation up to 50.000 rpm.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Brushless handpiece – Lifetime warranty on the armature and winding, 12-month warranty on all consumable parts.

Technical data:

Length: 162 mm
Weight: 235 g
Rated voltage: AC 100V/115V/230V/240V
Rated frequency: ~ 50/60Hz
Speed: 1000-50000 rpm
Chuck: Ø 2.35 mm or optional Ø 3.00 mm
Torque: 7,8 Ncm
Power consumption: max. 270 W
Protection class: 1

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