Zubler Monomer Box

The Monomer Box was design to give the ultimate environment for plastic mixing. Preparations with plastic and monomers can be made without worry. The safety glass helps maintain and enclosed environment keeping you safe from splash back and trapping fumes. Exhaust ports at the bottom of the unit extract fumes out of the unit through a connected extraction system.

The monomer box also features interior lighting and can be placed on a countertop or mounted on the optional FG1000 stand (The image to the right shows the AV1000 workstation mounted on the FG1000 stand).

Like the MB1000, the AV1000 offers a safe workstation environment for handpiece work with suction porting, safety glass and interior lighting.

Note: When connecting an extraction system, please be sure to utilize a system with activated charcoal filtration or port the exhaust safely outside.

For more information on either unit, please download the PDF documents below.

More Images of Zubler Monomer Box

Documentation (PDFs)