Apple Dental A2

High Speed Handpiece

The A2 350,000 RPM high speed handpiece from Apple Dental is quickly become a popular item.  Quiet, sturdy, and affordable are not usually synonymous with a quality piece of equipment, but if they are, it usually isn’t attractive.  Finding all these attributes together is amazing, which is exactly how many are describing their experience with Apple Dental products.

The strong 22 Watt high torque motor and Japanese ceramic coated bearings put out less than 65dB, making this a very quiet handpiece.  The bright LED light features SMD Technology allowing the hand piece to be autoclaved more than 1200 times under 135°C and includes a 1000 hour working life guarantee! The three water jets at the head of this unit are powerful and angled to provide the perfect cooling effect.  The integrated solid mold head helps keeps the water jets from clogging and eliminates the risk of breakage at the head and neck.

A well thought out piece of equipment for the dental professional.

Technical Data:

Model Version: A2
Model: TUP
Working Pressure: 0.28(Mpa)-0.3(Mpa)
Rotational Speed: 300(krpm)-350(krpm)
Water flow: 60(ml/min)-90 (ml/min)
Noise: <65dB
Light: White SMD LED
Brightness: 16,000Lux-20,000Lux
Color Temperature: 5,500(K)-6,000(K)
Head Diameter: 12.5mm
Height: 13mm
Apple A2 Highspeed Handpiece View1

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