AV1000 Workstation

(Dust Preparation Box)

A laboratory that strives for economic success on all of its operations must keep a close eye on both quality and quantity.  Usually this begins in the preparatory stage of each process, where the foundation is laid for top-quality work.  This is why the design of the Zubler AV1000 dust preparation box  emphasizes ergonomics, cleanliness, efficiency and safety.  Stone casts and investment rings can be blast clean with compressed air by actuating the integrated compressed air nozzle with a foot switch.  You do not need to take your hands off the cast/ring or the handpiece, leading to an enormous time savings.

While comfortably working inside the AV1000 preparation box, the technician is protected by impact resistant glass and built-in suction hood and the interior is lighted making work easily visible.  When combined with the optional FG1000 stand, installation at different heights is possible allowing ergonomic optimization, thus decreasing fatigue.

Cleaning is simple; the front glass is hinged and the suction hood quickly removable for easy access.  Simply use suction to remove large particles and wipe the remaining dust from the surface.

Ready to place on the benchtop and available with an optional stand (FG1000) the AV1000 preparation box easily connects to suction and is easy to install.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 630mm x 430mm x 580mm
Weight: 26kg
Compressed Air Requirements: Minimum 3 bar
av1000 workstation view #1
av1000 workstation view #2

More Images of AV1000 Workstation

av1000 workstation photo 1
av1000 workstation photo 2
av1000 workstation photo 3
av1000 workstation photo 4

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