The HT-2 combines the well-known features of previous models with upgraded capacity, elements and features.
Offering a larger sintering capacity over previous HT models of up to 60 individual units the HT-2 has added 33% more to bring the capacity up to 90 individual units with three 120mm stackable trays. The heating chamber is now equipped with six new high purity “PRO” Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements for optimum performance and longevity.

For added convenience maintenance and service programs have been pre-programmed. Some program slots contain new program functions over older models, while increases in programmability are carried over from more recent models.  The redesigned table insulation no longer requires pin tray supports while still ensuring temperature homogeneity with increased capacity.


  • Four-line LCD-display for easy program parameter viewing
  • Timer function for sintering overnight or using drying programs for wet-milled restorations
  • Three service programs have been added for easy servicing the heating chamber and the heating system
  • High-quality molybdenum-disilicide heating elements “PRO”
  • Maximum temperature 1650°C
  • Heating-chamber capacity 2x Ø 120/30 mm
  • Program control (LCD-Display, 4 stages, 30 program capacity, Special functions)
  • Service programs; A - Temperature control* only in conjunction with test-kit, C-Purge heating chamber, E- Regenerate heating elements
  • Thermocouple PtRh-Pt, type S
  • Temperature accuracy at 1500°C +/- 3°C
  • Timer function

Technical information for HT-2/M/Zirkon-120:

Power Max: 3800 W
Voltage range / frequency: 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight: 74 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): 500/560/820 mm
Process capability: Speed/Classic
Max. temperature: 1650°C
Heating elements: MoSi2 “PRO”
Number of heating elements: 6
Heating-chamber height: 102 mm
Max. heating-chamber capacity: 3 Qty – 120/30mm sintering dishes (approximately 90 single units)

Heritage meeting future demands with a technological edge

As one of the leading manufacturers of dental laboratory appliances in the world, MIHM-VOGT GmbH & Co. KG remains a family owned company based in Karlsruhe Germany. over the past 60 years we have acquired valuable experience and continue to offer innovative products and solutions reflecting the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Mihm Vogt HT-2/M/Zirkon-120 Sintering Oven

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