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Dust in dental technology is a big occupational hazard!
Dental technicians are especially at risk. According to statistics by the BGFE (German Occupational Society for Precision and Electrical Engineering), occupational skin and lung diseases are considerably more prevalent among dental technicians than the BGFE average. Fine airborne particles are especially dangerous. Highly detrimental effects on the skin and respiratory organs have also been identified for dental gypsum and investment materials. The same is true of non-classified particles with general exposure limits.
Occupational health and safety are non-negotiable
If dental laboratories fail to use suction, most dust that is generated will clearly exceed occupational
exposure limits. Suction to eliminate dusts is invariably required by German regulations governing the use of hazardous
substances. Furthermore, all vacuum systems must be mandatorily tested for effectiveness at least once
a year.
We support you with our experience
Dust exposure can be dramatically reduced by the use of optimized funnel systems and state-of-the-art vacuum
equipment. Vacuum systems are particularly effective if they convey exhaust air to the outside of the building. This will also improve the indoor climate throughout the laboratory. Zubler offers a number of vacuum options, so you can always select a solution that is optimized for the needs of your laboratory.
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    Central Suction System FZ VARIO

    The FZ VARIO central vacuum system with its accessory vacuum funnels is a solution without compromise. With its efficient vacuum motors and filtering systems, available in different output classes and combinations, the Zubler® central vacuum systems are suitable for providing suction at all handpiece positions and acrylic workbenches, as well as any other dust-producing devices in dental laboratories of any size.
    The advantages of a central vacuum system become particularly obvious when all devices and workbenches within the laboratory benefit from central suction. The VARIO system controls the air volume stream, continuously adapting the suction depending on the number of open vacuum positions.
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  • FZ Multiple Station Suction
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    FZ1 VARIOmaster®

    is suitable for universal use in laboratories and workshops. A highly flexible concept allows for connection of four vacuum positions, to be controlled through individual modules. Vacuum positions are supplied as requested by the customer. This robust and high-performance suction unit is equally well suited for workspaces and for high-dust laboratory equipment. Laboratories in dental offices, or small-sized dental laboratories including only one or two technicians, may be able to cover their needs for device or workspace suction with a single FZ1 VARIOmaster® unit. Particularly comfortable is its alternative mode of operation, which allows different vacuum power levels to be defined for each position connected. The VARIO control system is simultaneously active, maintaining a constant air volume at all times, regardless of the condition of the filter.
    Vibration cleaned filter cartridge
    How well a vacuum system performs will depend on the quality of the filter material and on the efficiency of the cleaning function of the filter. In addition to the brushless vacuum motor, the FZ1 VARIOmaster® utilizes a highly sophisticated filter technology. The filters are arranged such that they can vibrate freely inside the housing. High-grade vibration equipment creates extremely powerful vibration, thus ensuring that dust layers are eliminated from the filter surface time after time.
    Automatic vacuum port openers
    AP501 modules will allow the FZ1 VARIOmaster® to be configured for up to 4 vacuum positions. Each AP501 offers connectivity for any universal controllers or laboratory equipment with up to 500W of power consumption. Its electronic control offers sensitivity adjustment to match the connected (dust-generating) equipment, switches the vacuum position valve, and connects to the suction unit via a control cable. Both the valve and the control unit are always located at the workspace. This makes installation very easy and transparent. Several vacuum positions can be connected to the same pipeline.

    FZ2 VARIOmatic®

    FZ 2 VARIOmatic® is a four-position vacuum system. In special situations, it can be adapted to serve six positions. This unit was designed specifically for use in dental laboratories, offering a particularly reliable and clean vacuum solution even for positions where copious amounts of dust are generated, such as belt sanders. This vacuum system fulfills the needs of an entire smaller dental laboratory. When a handpiece or other connected tool is activated, the vacuum position opens automatically, closing a few seconds after the tool is turned off in order to remove the residual dust.
    The dust from all connected vacuum positions is collected in a container, without filter bags. This greatly reduces operating costs compared to vacuum systems using filter bags, especially in areas where large amounts of dust are generated.
    Technical specifications
    Width x depth x height 334 x 600 x 810 mm
    Weight 72 kg
    Power 1900 W
    Max. total power 3000 W
    Max. effective overall suction power approx. 100 l/s
  • Single Station Suction Units V4000 * V6000 * V7000
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    V7000 Tower suction

    CAD/CAM and Machine vacuuming unit for high volume and long term usage.
    I Suitable for long working periods due to the brus- hless blower.
    I 2x potential free Inputs
    I 1x 24 V Input for most CAD/CAM systems
    I 4 vacuum levels, independantly programmable for every Input
    I Filterbag with high dust volume I Quick and easy filter change due to the front
    sliding filter basket.
    I Volumetric control independant from the filling grade of the filterbag
    I Brushless motor with 3 years warranty
    The V7000 is especially designed for long term usage, e.g. for the vacuuming of dental CAD/CAM milling machines.
    The brushless blower generates both, high vacuum and high volume.
    There are the openers AP-R or AP501 modules available which can be connected to another station.
    E.g. :
    1. CAD/CAM milling machine with 24 V or 230V control voltage with AP-R, suction side opener
    2. Vacuuming plug ST03 to clean the milling area (Input 1)
    3. Handpiece workstation for finishing either with R1400 intake system or automatic opener AP501

    V6000 Tower suction

    Machine and Workstation vacuuming unit with low noise level
    I Workstation suction unit for 1 station
    I Filterbag with high dust volume
    I Quick and easy filter change due to the front sliding filter basket.
    I Low noise blower I Automatic power socket (master/slave) I Stepless adjustable suction power
    I Volumetric control independant from the filling grade of the filterbag

    This suction unit is suitable for universal use in laboratories and workshops. It is equipped with a master/slave power socket for electrical grinders. The low noise blower located in the noise dampened base is barely noticable beside the airflow and grinding noise.

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    Filter technology of the V 4000

    All V4000 units feature a dual filter system. Dirt is collected in the filter bag, which allows for easy removal and clean disposal without any dust escaping. A fine filter cartridge offers extra protection. It has longer replacement intervals.
    Filter quality complies with dust category M as defined in EN 60335-2-69.
    A side from the standard filter bag, a large filter bag is available for increased efficiency and extended service life in
    high-dirt applications. The large bag only works in conjunction with the wide V4050 filter door, which is mutually compatible with the V4000 unit to optimize versatility.

    Order No: 556/0035     - V1003 Filter Bag (3 Pack)
    Order No: 556/0063     - V1011 Filter Bag/Wide Door (Single)
    Order No: 556/035       - V6000/V7000 Filter Bag (Single)
    Order No: 556/019       - V1002 Microfine Filter Cartridge (Single)
    Order No: 450/011       - V-Series Vacuum Motor (Old Style)
    Order No: 450/008U     - V-Series Vacuum Motor (New Style)
    Order No: 037/1010     - Carbon Brushes (Old Style)
    Order No: 037/10220   - Carbon Brushes (New Style)page10image20608


    Our single suction units are highly versatile, as various models with different filter systems and motors are available. For low-dust applications, they can also be used with manually controlled or automated milling devices (e.g. for zirconia objects). Appropriate suction units can also be selected for any works- hop or laboratory applications involving dry dusts. Applications of this type may include various modes of processing minerals, resins or metals in different sectors of industry.

    Maintenance Information for V4000 and V6000 series motors

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  • Accessories
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    Vacuum funnels R1200 / R1250

    The Zubler R1200, R1250, and R1251 vacuum funnels ensure a maximum of dust removal. A gold trap filter is available for the R1250 and R1251 models, allowing separate filtering for precious metals.
    The funnels are compatible with the R1000 fixed rectangular suction pipes and the R1300 telescoping suction pipe.
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    Vacuum hood R1500

    The R1500 vacuum hood with its flexible arm can be placed in any position where dust is generated. It is particularly suitable for removing toxic fumes during investing and divesting.
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    Monomer bath R1600

    Integrating the R1600 monomer bath in the workbench top creates a comfortable stationary position for mixing acrylics.
    The mobile version, R1601, can be moved between working positions by simply inserting it into the existing R1000 or R1300 rectangular suction pipe instead of the vacuum funnel.
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    Cleaning set RS 1/2

    Vacuum sockets connected to the central vacuum system can be installed anywhere in the dental laboratory. Using the appropriate cleaning accessories, floor and workbench surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily.
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    R1700 SprayBox

    Great add on for digital techs. Hooks up directly to central suction or personal suction systems, designed to collect aerosol or other sprays.
  • Dust Box
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    AV1000 Dust Box

    A laboratory that strives for economic success in all its operations must keep a close eye on both quality and quantity. Usually this begins right in the preparatory stage for each process, where the foundation is laid for any top-quality work. This is why the design of the Zubler® dust preparation box emphasizes ergonomics, cleanliness and efficiency.
    An integrated nozzle actuated by a foot switch allows the blowing off of casts directly in the box.
    The protective screen and the working block swivel upward and out of the way. Once the vacuum funnel is removed, the collecting tray is easy to take out and clean.
    Technical specifications
    Width _ depth _ height 625 _ 600 _ 420 mm
    Weight 26 kg
  • Monomer Box
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    MB1000 Monomer Box

    The design of the Zubler® monomer box resembles that of the dust box. It is suitable for removing the toxic fumes generated when mixing polymer/monomer acrylics.
    The fumes are transported to the back of the box and are removed directly to the vacuum system through the lattice.
    A vacuum system using an activated carbon filter or a central vacuum system with an outside exhaust must be used with the monomer box.
    Technical specifications
    Width x depth x height 625 x 520 x 420 mm
    Weight 19 kg
  • Polishing Unit
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    P1000 Polishing Unit

    The P1000 polishing unit has been designed for use with the FZ Vario central vacuum system or any other vacuum system.
    An internal vacuum unit has intentionally not been included. This means: no annoying frequent replacement of clogged filters and more space inside the unit. The maintenance-free squirrel-cage rotor runs quietly and has a long useful life. Operators can choose between two speeds.
    The base plate is made of stainless steel and is therefore resistant even to aggressive acid and alkaline solutions.
    Technical specifications
    Width _ depth _ height 630 x 490 x 460mm
    Weight 38.5 kg
    Selectable speed 1500/3000 rpm
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